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Botox Provides Long-Term Skin Benefits


A breaking new study reports that Botox cosmetic treatments could provide long-term, youthful skin benefits. This new study followed 43 women who gained Botox injections. After four months, these women saw “significant improvement” in elasticity.... Read full article

Get Your Beach Body Ready with These 5 Treatments

by Ian Bowman on

Spring break is like a test run of the summer to come, so you want to make it good AND look good while enjoying your down time. We’ve picked our favorite treatments that deliver dramatic results and all of these treatments will leave you feeling refr... Read full article

Are Chemical Peels the Secret to Perfect Skin?

by Joliene Edgar on

Satin slip dresses slinked down the spring runways. Celebrities are wearing chokers on the red carpet. And here's one more '90s revival for you: the chemical peel. After being eclipsed in the early 2000s by new skin-resurfacing lasers, these classic ... Read full article

Facialist to Julianne Moore on Non-Invasive Antiaging

by Sandra Ballentine on

For the past ten years, the New York-based facialist extraordinaire Joanna Vargas has been tending the complexions of some of Hollywood’s brightest (and most hydrated and dewy) stars in an airy office in midtown Manhattan.... Read full article

We Tried It: The Ultimate Photo Facial

by Kim Peiffer on

We’re always intrigued by the most cutting edge beauty treatment to hit the market, and one of our favorites is the photo facial. So when we got wind of a new photo facial that requires even less downtime, fewer sessions, and better results... Read full article

Plastic Surgery's Latest Trend: Injecting Carbon Dioxide Under the Eyes

by Julie Mazziotta on

Doctors are injecting the soft tissue underneath the eye with carbon dioxide, which is said to increase the blood flow in the capillaries, and change the bluish circles back to a healthy skin tone color, a treatment called Carboxy.... Read full article

Newest Laser Treatment for Acne Scars — Look at My Before and Afters

by Kathleen Braine on

Additionally, the more aggressive treatment options I discovered — notably Fraxel Restore and the more ablative Fraxel Repair laser resurfacing — quite frankly, scared the hell out of me. ... Read full article

The Hot Hype and Cold Reality of Cryotherapy. Does It Freeze Your Pains Away?

by Kerry Lauerman on

Cryotherapy – a freezing treatment turned piping-hot health trend – is being hyped by spas across the country, many of which sprang up within the last year Making amazing promises of pain-free joints and sculpted abs.... Read full article

HealthyMe Top Ten Dermatologist Recommended Sun Lotions


The best sun lotions offer protection from all UV light. This is why it is of crucial importance to never miss applying skin lotion to protect it from damage.... Read full article