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10-year Stanford Study confirms Benefits of IPL

by Aly Salansky on

Dr. Bitter is the Godfather of PhotoFacials, he has done extensive studies including the famous 10 year study with Stanford University. The Bitter/Stanford study followed a group of women ages 30’s to 50’s. The women began with three PhotoFacials the... Read full article

Get Your Beach Body Ready with These 5 Treatments

by Ian Bowman on

Spring break is like a test run of the summer to come, so you want to make it good AND look good while enjoying your down time. We’ve picked our favorite treatments that deliver dramatic results and all of these treatments will leave you feeling refr... Read full article

Why the Multibillion-Dollar Hair-Removal Business Is About to Get Even Bigger

by Vanna Le on

Body waxing companies have been making big bucks in the hair removal business. One franchise, in particular, has observed a rising trend in the past few years: During the season of love, many are opting to go "bare down there."... Read full article