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Why Millennials are Flocking to Botox

by Shari Rudavsky on

More millennials are using Botox, not to look younger, but to prevent the formation of future wrinkles... Read full article

Botox Provides Long-Term Skin Benefits


A breaking new study reports that Botox cosmetic treatments could provide long-term, youthful skin benefits. This new study followed 43 women who gained Botox injections. After four months, these women saw “significant improvement” in elasticity.... Read full article

Get Your Beach Body Ready with These 5 Treatments

by Ian Bowman on

Spring break is like a test run of the summer to come, so you want to make it good AND look good while enjoying your down time. We’ve picked our favorite treatments that deliver dramatic results and all of these treatments will leave you feeling refr... Read full article

Botox Vs Fillers: Here’s everything you need to know

by Francisca Rice on

The line between toxins (including Botox) and fillers can sometimes seem blurred, so we’ve spoken to two experts to find out exactly how they differ, and the important questions to ask before considering treatment. Here's the Botox vs fillers lowdown... Read full article

'Brotox': It's Time For Men To Come Out Of The Closet

by Peter Layne Taylor on

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 400,000 U.S. men received “Brotox” (a.k.a. Botox for men) injections in 2014. ... Read full article